Why didn’t you fix me in one session?

True healing takes time. There I said it. I’m not pussyfooting the issue anymore. While I would never suggest someone not follow their medical professional’s advice, there is more we can do to heal ourselves. People need hip replacements, emergency surgery, life saving medication, etc. Doctors are great, I see mine at least once a year, I vaccinated my daughter, I am not a complete drop out from modern Western Medicine. I am, however, a fierce proponent of taking charge of your life to the best of your ability.

From the CranioSacral Therapy (CST) perspective, too much interference with medications and surgeries can slow the body’s own ability to heal. CST frees up restrictions in the nervous system so the body can effectively respond to stress, facilitating healing.

The path to healing with CranioSacral is also not always one people are ready to embark upon. How did you get to where you are seeking this work? CST isn’t a one-hit wonder therapy. Trigger points aren’t magically pushed on and released.

What will you notice? After your first session, I encourage you to write observations about how you feel and your emotional state. What was the frequency and/or severity of your pain before and the days after? How has your anxiety or mental health changed? Did you notice shifts in another prevailing issue we weren’t necessarily focused on?

CranioSacral is like the zinnias I planted in late May that didn’t start blooming until mid July. Popping up out of the ground, growing leaves, reaching for the sun, creating a bud, and slowly but surely opening the bud to become a beautiful vibrantly colored flower. Imagine the shifts that occur over each CranioSacral session like a stage in growing a flower. I like plant analogies. You can also visualize it like an onion. Peel away the outer skin and leaves before you finally get to the part you are trying access.

Why isn’t your headache gone in one session? Well, there is underlying stress, tension in the fascia, possible movement in the cranium that needs to happen, before they can completely resolve. Perhaps there is a little emotional stuff in there too. We’re talking about a macrocosmic perspective of the body, not a microcosmic perspective.

Healing takes time.

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