Transitioning to a new way of approaching bodywork

As I prepare to transition my practice away from solely deep tissue work, I want to take a moment to reflect on how I got to this point.  I have been practicing massage therapy since 2006 and have acquired skills, wisdom, intuition, and professionalism along the way.  I started out wanting to do nearly bone crushing massage, giving as much at each session as I could.  Pressing on a knot or muscle group can have that “hurt so good” feel and there are plenty of benefits from getting relief from deep tissue massage.

What I want to do is look beyond the pressing and the rubbing and really listen to the body of the client that is on the table.  I have learned that you can push on the same knots each time a client comes in but until a deeper correction is made in the fascia and nervous system, those issues will likely continue.  Maybe what your leg needs to feel better is to rest in a comfortable position for 2 minutes while I subtly allow the muscle spindle fibers to reset.  Perhaps using deep pressure to release trapezius trigger points actually activates a fight or flight response for you and makes the work counterproductive.   Is there a major stressor or change in your life that has coincided with the onset of pain?  Let’s explore that connection.

Combining all of my skills in each session can really produce a remarkable outcome.  There is more than one path to healing.  Shifting away from the “deep tissue only” paradigm is something that I’m excited about.  Including CranioSacral Therapy in all of my sessions will allow clients to feel more connected to their bodies and also allow for deep relaxation.

Come with me on this new journey, you will be glad you did!

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One comment on “Transitioning to a new way of approaching bodywork
  1. Sue Geier says:

    Sarah, As a retired Therapist with 20 years of practise,(and one of your clients) I totally understand and applaud you moving in this direction of your practice. Being able to really listen to, and hear what your client’s bodies are trying to tell them, and you,will only be more beneficial for everyone.
    Congratulations on this new journey path!

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