FAQ CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

What should I expect from a CranioSacral session?

Clients remain clothed during the session.  The practitioner will use gentle pressure to use various holds on the body.  It can be relaxing but other clients may find it energizing.

How will I feel afterwards?

Everyone has a different experience with CST.  CST releases long held physical and emotional patterns that have been held in the body and the nervous system. You will feel pleasantly “lighter” and more “put together”. Take note of changes and shifts in your body, mind, and spirit in the days following your treatment.

Is it magic?

No, not at all.  When structural movement is restricted, especially around the brain and spinal cord, it can have a powerful impact on the way the rest of the body functions.  When those restrictions are released the body reorganizes and integrates the changes.

Is CranioSacral Therapy right for me?

Are you feeling worn down and depleted? Are you looking to build more resilience in your body, mind, and spirit? Do you find yourself anxious and stressed out by pretty much everything?  CranioSacral Therapy is a great approach for you then!

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  1. Anne Kibbler says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Could you please tell me if you accept HSA cards for your services? Thank you.

    Anne Kibbler

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