Is parenting quite literally sucking the life out of you?

I’m here today to talk about the role CranioSacral Therapy (CST) can play in supporting parents and guardians of infants and young children.  As a new parent, I came to realize there was little support for extended support for moms of babies and toddlers.  The medical system releases you 6 weeks after the baby is born and then you’re kind of own your own to heal. The entrance of a new little bundle of joy can be an equally joyful and exhausting experience.  Some parents weather that exhaustion well, while others seem to really struggle with the sleepless nights and constant care an infant requires.  I’m going to talk specifically about the biological mothers of babies and children but fathers and guardians can also find benefit from CST.  

First, we need to address you, mama, the uniquely individual person you are, with your own history, your own birth, your own triumphs and struggles.  Did you know that the nervous system of the mother gets imprinted on the baby she is carrying?  That means that even you, new mama, were once a tiny baby and the events that happened surrounding the conception, pregnancy, and birth of you, were imprinted on your teeny tiny nervous system.  Was your mother in a relatively low stress situation while she was pregnant with you or was she in an unsafe or high stress situation?  These events and memories were imprinted onto you, whether you were aware of it or not.   If those traumas weren’t resolved, they carried forward and are still with you today.   When traumas aren’t resolved, we are positioned to repeat them until the cycle is broken.   That being said, not every mom, dad, or guardian needs to go this far back but this is a crucial aspect to begin to wrap your mind around when addressing the deep needs of the nervous system, trauma, and healing the whole person. 

So now you have this baby, toddler, or rambunctious kid.  Do you still not have your energy back?  Perhaps you need to consult your Doctor and see an Endocrinologist to have your thyroid levels checked.  Moms of babies and young children are chronically wiped out in this regard.  Parenting is so hard!  It takes a lot of your mental, physical, and emotional resources.  Not to mention time.  Life will never be the same.

Are you already low energy but when any additional stress gets thrown your way, you can’t handle it? Do you frequently  get sick or are in constant pain?  You likely have a nervous system that isn’t able to handle the stress of what comes next because your resources are so low. This is where CST can enter the picture. 

CST will reduce strain on the nervous system, which is housed within the spine and cranium.  Our bodies create tripwires in the nervous system.  Let me explain what I mean about tripwires.  Our primal ancestors had this evolutionary trait because they needed to be able to quickly respond to a stressful situation, like an attack from a predator, and the quick stress response allowed humans to enter fight or flight mode, without having to think the situation through.  However, our modern lives are much different.  When our body senses a stress but no action is taken, the energy from that stressful occurrence stays in our body and nervous system.  When nervous system tripwires are created but not resolved, they only serve to keep us in a heightened fight or flight state, not dissolving the reaction and causing strain and dysfunction. 

As a new parent, you are primally wired for survival of the species, ie, the precious new baby.  Personal needs get pushed to the side, which is natural and to be expected.  Mama Bear and Papa Bear comes out. However, if the body becomes so depleted it can no longer respond to stress, parents can develop insomnia, become frequently sick, be in chronic pain, or develop other conditions. 

With CST, your body will be able to reach that parasympathetic, rest and digest, state. With a more relaxed and resilient nervous system, you will be able to bounce back from illness faster and reduce the aches and pains of carrying children all day. CST can restore healthy responses to stress so you can get back to chasing kids!

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