Is Lymph Drainage Therapy for you?

I have been loving the Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) techniques! I took this class in 2007 but I never stayed with practicing the therapy. I retook the same class this May and I have been impressed with the results on myself and clients in this short period of time. I’ve had reports of reduced sinus drainage, tightening and toning of the skin, improved gastrointestinal function, and reduced swelling.

Why the heck would you want your Lymph Drainage Therapy?

Our lymphatic system is the waste removal system for our bodies. Lymph is present everywhere in our bodies, moving along cellular waste to eventually be eliminated from the body. LDT speeds up the movement and in turn can promote healing. Areas where the lymph has become stagnant can be stimulated and improve the flow. If this treatment “speaks” to you, I encourage you to book an appointment. This is a very powerful treatment so I am unable to work on you wit LDT if you have the following: active cancer, lymph nodes removed or biopsied, are in your first trimester of pregnancy, major cardiac or circulatory problems, or acute infection.

Here is a link from the Chikly Institute with a more expansive list of indications and benefits.

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