CranioSacral and Rolfing Clinic

Some of the advice massage therapists get after doing this for years is “You should teach, it’s a great way to expand your practice.” I’ve never had much interest in teaching but earlier this year I switched to CranioSacral Therapy and the best way to get people interested in it is to educate them.

Rolfer, Allison Distler, and myself started tossing around the idea of a clinic when we were both at a writing workshop for female business owners. Both Rolfing and CranioSacral Therapy are a little more on the edge of people’s knowledge and we wanted to put together a class for people to really experience what we do and have the chance to ask questions.

When received over a series of treatments, both modalities have the ability to offer deep and lasting unwinding and change in the fascia network, physiology, and emotional healing.

We are excited to offer this clinic to the public and look forward to offering it several times a year. Feel free to email or with any questions.

Are you interested in our CranioSacral and Rolfing SI clinic on June 2nd? Check out the video we made to find out more!

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