Complex presentations and Chronic Depletion

Do you have several body related concerns occurring at once? For example, your right hip hurts, you have fibromyalgia, and a constant ringing in your ears. Don’t forget the mood swings.

In the chronic depletion and CranioSacral framework, we would look at all of your concerns as if they are connected. Have you found that certain therapies that should have been helpful were “too much”? An individual with a complex presentation, having several seemingly unconnected concerns, may require very gentle work to receive effective results and make progress.

Let’s use these mobiles for an analogy. Pick one mobile. How would you get it to move? Now imagine it represents you and each string of objects is one of your health concerns. If we just remove or pick it up by one strand, the mobile will be off balance and move around all wacky or perhaps flip over. If we slowly lift at the top, we will create movement but also maintain overall balance.

This is exactly what CranioSacral for chronic depletion and complex presentations can achieve. By working with the connections and patterns, rather than an attack and destroy methodology, a gentle overall easing within the body can occur.

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