Are you chronically depleted?

Do you feeling like you’re burning the candle at both ends? Are you not able to show up for yourself the way you would like? Does any additional stress, no matter how small, seem monumental and overwhelming? Are you in constant pain and agitation? Is your health a rollercoaster?

We all ebb and flow through being depleted and resilient in life, that’s natural. When we are unable to flow into a state of resilience anymore, we become chronically depleted. Chronic depletion is a not a diagnosis but rather a state of exhaustion your body, mind, and spirit are in.

Imagine a campfire with both healthy glowing embers and orange and white flames. The white and orange flames are the quick bursts of energy you can get from day to day. However, the embers are the slow burning life energy. Even when those orange flames are gone, if the embers are hot enough, the fire can restart after being out for quite awhile. When we have resilience, we can restart the fire after a stressful work week with our healthy glowing embers. When we are chronically depleted and have very few embers, a stressful work week can knock us down and keep the fire from coming back.

We all feel fatigued or depleted at times but ongoing fatigue is an entirely different story and can have real implications on your quality of life. Here is a short article from the Mayo Clinic about the effects and causes of fatigue:

How do you emerge from chronic depletion? Get adequate sleep, exercise, unplug from technology and give your brain a break. Pay attention to what triggers you to have good and bad days. Begin to recognize the interplay of contributing psychological, social, environmental, biological, lifestyle, and spiritual factors that affect you. Recognizing these connections will help you identify patterns of stress and make necessary changes.

CranioSacral Therapy can help a chronically depleted person build resilience by supporting and integrating the nervous system, listening to the body, and restoring a sense of calm. Stimulating the parasympathetic, or “rest and digest” nervous system will enable the body’s self healing capacities to strengthen and over time increase resilience.

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